Corporate Courses

Corporate Courses
Seddwell Learning Corporate Program –
Working together for success!

Course Description

Our business programs are flexible and tailored to your wishes and needs. We organize in-house courses and tailor-made workshops including catering and leisure activities.

Seddwell courses are always organized and carried out by a teaching team, thereby optimizing learning outcomes and creating a pleasant and motivating atmosphere for the students. Another advantage is the combination of both native English speakers and Austrian instructors, making participants feel secure and comfortable, especially at lower levels.


Group courses (8 or 16 teaching units per month)
Minigroups (8 or 16 teaching units per month)
Individual training (flexible)
Crash Course for Travelers (16 to 48 teaching units per month)
Power Course In-House (16 to 48 teaching units per month)
1-day workshops (8 lessons) + optional catering
2-day workshops (16 teaching units) + optional catering

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Target Group

Adults, All businesses

Course times


Course length

between 8 and 48 units per month


by inquiry